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November 8, 2012
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Summer Blues by mikimikimchi Summer Blues by mikimikimchi
a bit early, but yeah, wish it was summer again.

P.S : i felt the need to tweak a thing or two. and, oh yeah, i still am learning ~ ! <3

see LineART for download : [link]

*was featured in
[ Feature Friday Volume 5 ]Yes.  Welcome again to my fifth installment of my Feature Friday journals! :w00t:
I'm Requiemachina, and I am seriously bored! (That was totally uncalled for XD) But anyway, I would like to congratulate all the participants who decided to take a few minutes of their lives to come check out my forum posts ([Feature Friday Volume 5] Free Features and stuff! (for premium members)
and [Feature Friday Volume 5] Free Features Newest or Best Art (for non-premium members)) and submit their works to me for this compilation! :clap::clap::clap:
Thank you so much for allowing me to continue this, which really relies on the submission from our fellow members here!
Shameless plug
I love this journal skin. Do you? It matches my page lol
Anyways, here goes!
Kiribans and College VisitsUpdates
Kiriban @ 100K/ 99,999 in less than 200 views!
So!  I've been spending my time working on schoolwork as of late since it's starting to pile up >.>  I managed to finish my research paper, so that's a huge relief :D  Luckily, because the underclassmen have to take a state test [one of those standardized ones; we used to have the PSSAs, and now they're called the Keystone tests] this week and next week, seniors get to go in late for four days :'D  So I finally have some time to catch up on sleep c:
I also just got back from a college visit at CCAD today~  I went to their studio day yesterday, and made this neato little bracelet~  It took forever, but it turned out looking pretty cool c:  And today we took a campus visit; it ended up being a much nicer school than I thought it would be.  It was nice, too, since the guy from admissions that looked over my portfolio said that I was much better than many that they receive.  And that I shoul

THANK YOU for the wonderful re-color!
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exactly what i was hoping to go for. thank you. :meow:
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CUUUTE :icontoocuteplz:
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